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PankaMax is an extra voluminous uncoated cardboard quality that is suitable for various applications with a high proportion of ground wood pulp. The dust and thickness ratio is maximized for applications where thickness, bulk and purity are required. The product is used in, but not limited to, various industrial end-uses, such as laminating plating for displays, laminated food trays and mats (salmon, cheese, bakery products). PankaMax is available from 210 g / m2 to 650 g / m2 (1.75 mm). PankaMax is also available as hardsized, e.g. for applications in the food supply.


PankaSilk is mainly produced from crushed wood pulp, resulting in a remarkable bulk in combination with a smooth surface that is achieved by the Condebelt drying technology. PankaSilk is widely used, for example in the industry for making passe partout and POS (point of sales) products where smoothness, purity and high efficiency are required. Panka Silk is available from 210 g / m2 to 570 g / m2 (1.2 mm). PankaSilk is pH neutral.

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