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Alaska Plus® GC2

Alaska® Plus is a GC2 quality, with a uncoated manila back. This product represents a major change in lightweight packaging, has a high yield with a lower basis weight, consistent results in printing, converting and packaging. Exceptionally high stiffness and thickening. It is also an environmentally conscious choice for packaging through the use of fewer raw materials and less waste production. Alaska Plus is available from 190g / m2 to 330g / m2. Produced with 100% virgin fibers.

PankaBrite® GC2

PankaBrite® is a fully coated GC2 folding carton with a cream back. PankaBrite is a bulky and rigid cardboard for various packaging purposes. It is ideal for food packaging where stiffness, purity and visual properties are required. Also suitable for large plates, and can also be supplied for chilled and frozen food. PankaBrite is available from 275 g / m2 to 550 g / m2 (1.03 mm). PankaBrite is free from OBA.

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