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Arktika® GC1

Arktika® is a GC1 quality with two-sided coating that is the perfect partner for your creative packaging designs. Its smoothness, clarity and printability make it a premium cardboard that allows your packaging to achieve a sophisticated look. Arktika® supports a variety of finishing techniques, making your packaging product stand out in every shelf. The high smoothness gives you excellent print quality. Even the back shows an excellent printing result. Arktika is available from 200g / m2 to 350g / m2. Produced with 100% virgin fibers.

PankaLux® GC1

PankaLux® is the new smooth GC1 cardboard designed for luxury packaging, where excellent visual properties are required in combination with high packaging performance. PankaLux is ideal for demanding packaging and printing applications, such as metpol lamination, where an excellent mirror effect is required. PankaLux is available from 360 g / m2 to 560 g / m2 (1.00 mm)

PankaWhite® GC1

PankaWhite® is a fully coated GC1 folding carton with a white back that is suitable for printing on the back. PankaWhite is an efficient material that can be used throughout the whole chain and can also replace different laminated packaging with its unique properties. PankaWhite is available from 285 g / m2 to 335 g / m2 (1.01 mm).

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